A start for Art project 2020-2021 for suggestions from several partners ..

Department of International Action Art in Norway :

With wishes for a nice day, I invite in the project Norwegian Association of Cultural Workshop Akantus... We invite as the public to look at beautiful art ... and fairy tale together ...

At this virtual exhibition we await proposals for a Forum 2021 on art ... Welcome with all exciting themes and offers of several places where we can meet in several places in the World with exhibitions, press conferences and auctions for art sales of the artworks .. This all to form new markets in the art field ... For example, we start here in Norway at a famous artistic place in Eggedal, Drammen and Oslo. and further if possible in Italy and Grezie ... We should find resources in common and therefore we are in a joint Art Club to collaborate with ideas for strong knowledge arts and culture ...



Wishing you a nice day.

Zoja Sperstad

Head of the Project

Akantus Culture Workshop in Norway

I have received a letter from the Norwegian culture advising that everyone else from UNESCO International Art to join the project and that I must submit joint application to June 15, 2020 ... So if you want to join the exhibition in Eggedal first vertically or somehow on July 7 and at the Forum in 2021, then answer me and offer their activities here in Norway ... This should be done now ... and pray for help invading other artists from International Action Art ... This is a very serious project ...

This is an international work to develop the level of art at the scientific level with exhibitions of sales and real advertising for artists and cooperation with all the necessary areas affecting the arts.

Art is great passion and the Milan TV studio is also about passion. The TV / Radio Milano editor after his initiative is holding the interview through interpreter Larkina Loreta and we will ask to invite all of us eventually.

Members work in programs about art, cultural heritage and significant of art for society ... The power of art is stricter a policy's power for development by morals and science ...
That's why we work with clubs at UNESCO. We are connected in art fields to Greece, Russia and the best is Italy with many Galleries, Palaces and Villas, who like great art and have serous art clients.

Welcome to the creative project .... Hope our project is interesting for professional artist with our artistic marketing in Europe and artistic auction with professional criticism .....

These are free virtual exhibitions welcome all artists to the choice in theme to other exhibitions and Forums to be held in Norway, Italy and throughout Europe ...


Here is a joint presentation on the project: https://zojasperstadakantus-com.webnode.com/

Our plan to move to Italy next year 2021:

Milan Design Week 2020 in Milan at the Alda Merini Museum (via Magolfa 32, Milan, Italy) from 20 April to 26 April 2020.For artists and those interested in art, musicians, writers, art Peace / culture / history / philosophy researchers are from 27 April to 30 April 2020. The gala of art and international culture at Villa Cesarina in Valganna is from 2 to 3 May 2020. Duke of Valganna at Villa Cesarina Villa Cesarina Via comolli, 5 Valganna VARESE, Italy.RAFFAELLO ART FEST is the 4. May 10. May 2020.
Alexander Museum Palace Hotel in Pesaro, Italy

This is realistic for the year 2020:
Exhibition 2020 in Eggedal for UNESCO in Norway and this will become Forum in 2021 in the same place:

Welcome to the Artistic Valley of Norway







Zoja Sperstad specialization course with certificate:
"About art as freedom of expression and demand"
7 school themes
Theoretical basis for all techniques and forms in art:
1. Image analysis:
Three-dimensional reality,
Building forms,
Movements in art forms ...
2. News about color blending and reflections of light and colors.
3. Inspiration from art history and senses (learning to see and hear).
4. The Golden Cut in paintings and thoughts.
7 school themes

Wishing you a nice day.

Zoja Sperstad

President of the Department of International Action Art in Norway

Member of   Club for UNESCO of Piraeus and Islands

Head of the Project

Akantus Culture Workshop in Norway
Association Kulturverksted Akantus org.no.819078572 account number: NO90151784304


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