Akantus in Norway, led by artist and President Zoja Sperstad, brought together under the auspices of UNESCO, art, beauty, creativity, talented artists around the world, real professionals.

We wrote about this here: http://www.sarmediaart.ru/art-in-norway.html

The aim of the artists is to demonstrate works at international exhibitions.

So, the works of artists were supposed to be shown in Italy, but because of the coronavirus, plans had to be postponed until the fall.

Virtual Art Exhibition was created for participants who want to insert their artwork here and join the book on art history.

Instead, some of the works were presented at online exhibitions:

Virtual Raffaello ART FEST


Virtual exhibition "Beauty will save the World!"


Virtual Gala of art and international culture at Villa Cesarina


Arts and culture in Milano and Valgana in Italy



Artist looks at life without illusions ... Globalization continues after various crises .. For reducing financial resources .... Although the perfect storm of Globalization ... has always been like war and virus ... But Beauty save the world! Zoja Sperstad 30.04.2020

The power of beauty lies in the pursuit of such moral values as honesty, praise, courage, trust, compassion... The artist looks at life without illusions.

Zoja Sperstad said:



The following artists are included in this group:


  1. Zoja Sperstad, Eggedal, Norway - https://zojasperstadakantus-com.webnode.com/mitt-arbeid/hostfarger/
  2. Lena Iliadi, Athens, Hellas - https://zojasperstadakantus-com.webnode.com/mitt-arbeid/nytt-perspektiv/
  3. Bouriche Boumediene, Algeria -https://zojasperstadakantus-com.webnode.com/mitt-arbeid/dyreriket/
  4. Natalia Goodwin, Georgia - https://zojasperstadakantus-com.webnode.com/mitt-arbeid/i-madrids-gater/
  5. Abdelkader Sakri, Tunisia - https://zojasperstadakantus-com.webnode.com/mitt-arbeid/storslatt-utsikt/

This strategy will aim, on the one hand, at incorporating culture into all development policies, be they related to education, science, communication, health, environment or cultural tourism and, on the other hand, at supporting the development of the cultural sector through creative industries. By contributing in this way to poverty alleviation, culture offers important benefits in terms of social cohesion.It is a means to achieve a more satisfactory intellectual, emotional, moral and spiritual existence. As such, development is inseparable from culture.


Freedom of expression, information and communication, as well as the ability of individuals to choose cultural expressions is a prerequisite for the protection and promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions.


Nowadays  this group of artists is now part of UNESCO. You can also join the initiative group of artists by contacting the President of Akantus Zoja Sperstad by e-mail: Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.

As Zoja Sperstad says:

Thank you very much for friendship and welcome to support new event in art history.

Culture Workshop Akantus from Norway builds new perspectives in cultural work for Peace in the World. We are a voluntary organization and therefore everyone who comes must pay a small sponsorship fee for renting premises at the museum and advertising in Media. There will be great advertising all over the World and the historical event.

The best ability of Freedom!
This is a real pleasure of gratitude!

The power of beauty lies in the pursuit of moral values such as honesty, praise, courage, trust, compassion ...
Artist looks at life without illusions ...
The artist's religious beliefs often seem to turn into rebellion or skepticism.
This is no dogmatic teaching ...
This is a picture of people and nature ...
This is a battle with the powers in and around them …

Briefly about the online exhibitions you can find here:

On the 500th anniversary of the death of Raffaelo. Sanzio.
The Jubilee requires from artists and historians a deep research into art to restore the taste of art and inspire new art collectors.

The goal is to show collaboration through art to convey new forms of FRED understanding. Therefore, we invite others from fields of art to show the democratic way of working and the better to rent premises with more than one person or two ..... In addition, there is the opportunity for everyone to receive training on democratic opportunities and as an act in practice. ...

Deadline for registration: 15.02.2020 is the deadline to send

Milan Design Week 2020 (the exhibition in Milano at the museum became from April 20 to April 26, 2020)

Alda Merini Museum
via Magolfa 32 Milan


Culture seminar for artists and interested in art, the musicians, writers, art / culture / history / philosophy researchers is from April 27 to April 30.

Art party at Villa Cesarina with a painting exhibition with music performances on May 2 and May 3 .2020, https://www.facebook.com/events/462730811246143/

And we were invited to the Festival Raffaele Santi in Pesaro from May 4 to May 10, 2020. Hope you are also interested in joining in on all the activities, so it is important historical compound with opera artists and professional musicians   http://alexander-museum.it/ 

Dear friends, now it is the Festival and there is no need to travel in Italy. You can only say that it is I who recommended you to Loreta Larkina. Information is down above. Not only artists but also literature makers are invited here.

You can only participate in one activity or two …and all three.

Goal is to make cultural projects always very beautiful in a beautifully democratic way, where are all people, who are interested in culture and art feel welcome ...
Giuseppe Vigi and Daniela Galli has created a beautiful example of a stately house for friends, who love each other and support the development of Art and Peace on Earth. Duke de Valganna has Villa Cesarina with a completely democratic attitude between where everyone is as welcome as princes and princesses ...

Akantus Culture Workshop in Norway

Department of International Action Art in Norway in Club for

UNESCO of Piraeus and Islands:


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